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a Deep Dish saved my life...


What is a Detroit Deep Dish Pizza?

Detroit Deep Dish Pizza is a regional pizza style from, you guessed it, Detroit. It is a high hydration dough baked in a special pan which can most easily be described as focaccia like. 

Besides using a dough mixer and a dough rounder to process, this product is 100% hand made with 90% of our ingredients coming from the German market. Our dough is made with local flour from our amazing millers at Hofbräuhaus Kunstmühle in Munich and is completely free of any preservatives. 

We make our dough daily in Berlin. Once mixed the dough bulk ferments at room temperature, receiving several rounds of folding. After which it is balled up and goes into our walk in refrigerator for a 24 hour cold fermentation. After 24 hours our dough is ready to be placed in specially imported baking pans from our friends at Lloyd Pans where it will spend about an hour in a proofer, allowing the dough to rise. 


caramelised aged cheddar crust

high hydration soft focaccia dough

Magic John`s signature toppings

baked in a patented pan to create a thin crispy crust and keep it fluffy inside

Our Detroit Pizza toppings:


What is 'Fresh & Ready'?

'Fresh & Ready' means just that: fresh = not frozen, and ready = just pop in the oven or a pan for five minutes and your delicious Deep Dish Pizza is ready to eat! 


In order to deliver to you the freshest possible pizza, we bake it a maximum of 24 hours before shipping to you. Our Detroit Deep Dish pizzas are all handmade in Berlin with our own preservative free, non-industrial dough and fresh ingredients. 


Packaging & Shipping

We are shipping our Detroit Deep Dish packs via DHL Express. The package will be delivered within 48 hours after the order.  Shipping costs are 8€ and will be waived for the 4 pack and 5 pack. Merchandise is being shipped via DHL Standard Shipping, costs are 5€. 

We are using recycled and recyclable shipping boxes that are easy to dispose in the paper bin. Our cooling packs are water-based. You can reuse them or dispose in the sink or residual waste. 

We are happy to take back the gel packs - from 20 pieces we will cover the shipping costs. For more information please get in touch at 


We are working vigorously on developing a reusable insulated box that customers can send us back in order to reduce our carbon footprint.


If you have any issues, comments, complaints or compliments, we’d love to hear from you!


How deep is your dish?

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