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I hope you all have had a lovely summer, O-Street’s been a real treat, thank you very much for asking. 

September has been a rather spectacular month and we bounced back in fine style from a lackluster summer. Moral is rather high all around with nightlife going back online and as many of you probably are, I am really looking forward to meet many old friends and to getting lost in music again… can’t teach an old raver new tricks I guess. 

On to the news:


Been working on this for a minute, our spicy Vodka Sauce pie is ready to claim it’s place on the menu. For boring production reasons we won’t be offering this in slice form for the time being but you can have this killer combo when ordering whole pies (or half and half) both New York Style as well as Detroit Deep Dish coming in October, keep an eye on our IG for details.

MJ’s App & Loyalty Program  

Keep an eye out for our new app. We're working on our user interface, even though we’ve gotten lots of compliments on the user experience thus far, I’m certain that some of you regulars may appreciate an App. We will launch this in October and App users will have some added benefits like point collection for discounts, freebees and notifications on special deals. Will also add the occasional topping special available only via the app :) 

Working Title ‘Magic Jane’s’ progress… 

I wanted to move faster with some fun treats from the old hood in our new space next door but not at the price of compromising what we’re doing at the pizza shop. Since July and August have been a bit slow I decided to take time with additional investment, money don’t grow on trees and we’ve gotten exactly nothing in Corona support from our fine government because we opened in 2020.. hey not like we rented a place on O-Street before Covid planning on having some foot traffic in 2021 or anything (mini rant over).  Patience is a virtue, yada yada yada … just cut me some slack I’m no spring chicken, Magic Jane’s (or whatever we’ll call it) will join us in due time. 

First we will move our dough production into the space and this will allow us to more consistently serve 48 hour dough, which has been our best thus far, both flavorwise but also for digestibility. Currently we can only keep about 300 doughs in our walk-in fridge, our new fridge will be able to house up to 1000 dough balls, so management and dough rotation will be easier. Also we can start doing bulk ferments for our Detroit Deep Dish dough which in tests gave us a much better crumb… airy and fluffy but without loosing too much density. 


Just a reminder, I’m always happy to get suggestions and ideas from you, not so happy to hear complaints but need to and want to. Please don’t hesitate to hit me up on our address and I promise I will respond, might take a day but I will get back to you. Also if you haven’t yet, please take a minute to review us on your platform of choice (google, trip advisor etc.), spread the love. 


Aight peeps, much love and thanks for all your support. 




Magic John's oven and three bolls with the knots in them ti mix with their toppings



Bake it till you make it!

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