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About us

Magic John's was born out of the passion of one man, lets call him John.
John left his Brooklyn home in the early 2000’s in search of an adventure, which he more than found in Berlin. As the years passed John missed less and less of his hometown. However there was one relentless longing deep in his heart. His insatiable craving for a proper New York Slice. A longing which only got stronger over the years. 

John started making dough, lots of dough! Doing his best to get that New York flavour. He began learning about fermentation, water filtration, flour mixtures and lots of other geeky fun stuff, acidity levels in canned tomatoes level geeky. All with the goal of just making himself that New York slice he missed so much. John started making his pizza for some friends and as the story usually goes, when you have a true passion and dedication, people take notice. Pretty soon friends became more friends and then their friends… they said it was magic!

And Magic John's was born.

JOHNs_PIZZA_test_files_2 5.jpg

Magic John's

Oranienburger Strasse 48
10117 Berlin

Tuesday - Sunday
12pm – 11pm

030 91570700

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